Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teacher Love - Gift Ideas

Yes, Valentine's Day is tomorrow but in case you need a last minute idea, here it is! You can purchase all of these items at the grocery store. The mini-pearls and I just finished putting together little sussies for their teachers. I got the idea from Country Living magazine. So, it isn't original but it is so fun and you can change it up so many fun ways! Have a wonderful evening. Mr. Pearl is preparing a special dinner for us all and we are going to enjoy a little "family love" one day early!


a cylinder vase - make sure the sides are straight and not angled (mason jars work, too)

2 - 4 dozen colored pencils (Sweet Pea picked-out all of the dark colors from hers, so they are nice and bright!)

colored hair bands (2 per vase)


for the tags: I used some long pieces of floral wire that I had and wound them into a spiral to hold the card. I used vintage Valentines that I already had, but you can make your own!

Sending you some love!



  1. I'm so disgusted -- but in a good way! Good heavens! I'm such a loser! It was hard enough for me to just get some of those cheap valentine's day cards put together for all three wee ones. How do you do it????

  2. P.S. Love today's song choice. Perfect.