Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going Green

What's not to love about this kitchen? The green ceiling, the totally fabu drum shade, the plate wall - love it!

Green trim, LOVE the stripe fabric and the pops of blue and black - this is so fun.

More green greatness.

Hello strangers! Sorry for the break in posts. I have been wearing my "mom" hat lately, as Sport Cort had a bout with a nasty case of strep and then we took a quick vacay to Great Wolf Lodge. "Vacay" isn't the right word for what we had. A beating? A sharp stick on the eye? Yes, those might be closer to the truth. The mini-pearls had a ball though and that made the ordeal worth it.

Green is a color that I have only recently come to love. I used to have an aversion to the color. Why? Don't laugh, but it stems from growing-up in a city where football is king and one is fiercely loyal to their team. Your team is determined by the high school you attend. My high school colors were navy blue and gold and were a huge part of my wardrobe and decor. The rival high school? The one that no self-respecting cheerleader and loyal fan of my high school would be caught dead near, much less sporting their colors? They were green and white. Laugh all you want, but it has taken me a long time to get over this!

All this being said. I love green. I really do! It makes me happy. I love green and all of it's wonderful shades and tones. I love that green can be a neutral or it can be a bold stand-out. Green is a chameleon. Green can be traditional. Green can be retro. Green can be fresh and modern. What do you think? What is your favorite shade? I have found that when I can't get a room to feel right and complete, all it needs is a touch of green. A green pillow, lamp, a plate or bowl - try it. It just works. I can't help but feel that our Creator loves green and all of it's variations, too. He uses it a lot. See, you can't go wrong. You can't go wrong, unless it involves high school football and then, well, green sucks. Some things you can't change.




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