Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday - 70's Design and a Party

Hello everyone! Mr. Pearl and I braved the cold last Saturday night to attend a disco soiree for a dear friend. The much-hyped party lived-up to the talk. We had a blast! The entertainment was a band aptly named Le Freak. They are all disco, all the time baby! I don't know what was more fun: getting all gussied-up as a disco diva, seeing all of my friends dressed-up as disco dudes and divas or dancing to the awesome music. Here is proof of the fun.

When I walked out to go to the party, Fisherman looked at me and asked, "Is that a wig?" No dear, this is what the good Lord blessed me with in all its glory. My hair had it's night in the sun. Mr. P sported the fake stache but he wouldn't go without the undershirt for a little chest hair action. He said the ruffled shirt (yes, it was ruffled) and tight plaid pants were enough!

The seventies really isn't a time I care to revisit. Did anyone look good during that era? Did any one's home look good during that era? I mean, avocado green, harvest gold and orange - alone they are bad enough, but together? I really think that is some one's idea of a joke that went a little too far. Thank goodness the eighties came along to save the world from bad design (insert sarcasm).

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