Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Smokey Blues and Reno Memos

This is amazing. The floor is genius. The change in color and direction of the floor planks -
love it.

This banquette - the soft gray, tufted velvet upholstery - I'd never leave the dining room!

This warm nook makes me smile. The warm creams and the gentle pops of soft blue on the chair and rocks from the fireplace are perfection.

Love this classic mix of blue fabrics.

This kitchen is too fun - I love the play of the modern glass tile mosaic with the rustic inserts of planks in the cabinetry. The soft blue/green of the cabinets and the white wash on the paneled walls and ceiling; this is going in my idea book.

Howdy everyone! Yes, it is Monday once again. I am feeling anything but blue though, as the sun is shining here and the mini-pearls are back in school after a four day snow break last week! I am back to working on the house reno plans and ran across these wonderful shots of spaces designed by Sarah Richardson. I love the smokey blue colors in each of these spaces and the fact that, although the blue is a cool color, she strikes a perfect balance with the rest of the space to evoke a warm, inviting mood. My color palette is starting to take shape. Do you see it? Have a great one!


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