Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Freeze Frame - Ice Day 2

I am writing this between rolling blackouts, so we will see how far I get. I had planned on a warm, sunny kitchen post today, and I still may get to it, but right now, we are freezing and the minis are out of school for day two of the Ice Storm of 2011! You see, we woke-up yesterday morning to this...

What looks like a light dusting of snow, is actually an inch of frozen rain and sleet! We have Packers and Steelers fans in town for that big football game this weekend and we were supposed to provide warm weather and a "big ol Texas welcome". I blame this on them. They brought this misery with them! They are laughing at us though, as what is nothing to them, has paralyzed our entire state! Sand trucks had to escort their team buses to media day yesterday! You see, we Texans are a strong, proud bunch. We have a history of staring danger in the face and winning. We do have an Achilles heel (as soon as the ice melts, Texas Rangers will be knocking on my door to arrest me for revealing this). What is that weakness? ICE! It stops us in our tracks, occupies every second of tv news time, causes widespread panic and a massive delay of everything.

My Texan dogs and children adjusted quickly, making the day a fun one. We started out with board games and hot chocolate by the fire, but the frozen, steep driveway across the street beckoned. Some neighborhood child (certainly not one of my intelligent offspring - said with sarcasm) got the genius idea to try and ride bikes down the ice ramp. I pride myself on being a "fun" parent, but I had to nip that one in the bud. I had to explain that head injuries do NOT equal fun! Solution? Trash can lids, as no self-respecting Texan actually owns a sled. As the frigid temperature took its toll, they came in and made Lego ice cars. They launched the cars and had races on the ice ramp. Yes, that idea I will claim for my offspring!

So, what is on tap for today? Even colder temps, these annoying blackouts and the minis have asked for crafts. Uugghh! I have to come up with something. I want to suggest mommy's favorite game - "sit by the fire and quietly read a book." I'm not sure it will go over well.
We'll see.

Stay warm and safe!


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