Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kick Ice - Ice Day 3

The craft - Sweet Pea and I made this garland with scrap booking paper and a sewing machine.
We cut out hearts from the paper and layered them in groups of three. We had eight to nine groups of three. We then sewed the groups of three together on the machine. Pull out a lead thread of about eight to ten inches, then sew the groups of three hearts every four to six inches. Fold the hearts when you have finished sewing and the result is a fun three-d garland. I saw this on a blog that I can't for the life of me remember, so if you do, please let me know! The post I saw made the hearts out of vintage book pages. Very cute!

Yes, the mini pearls are home again today. This is day three of The Ice Storm of 2011 and yes, I am counting. I have run out of "fun" ideas and I am ready to take my children to school, but alas, school has been cancelled again tomorrow and we are supposed to get more snow! I live south of the Mason-Dixon because I like the token winter snow once a year and I like to visit snowy places to ski, but I don't care to live with it. Oh well. The minis are having a blast and have turned the neighborhood into one big, icy sledding course. I hosted a craft day for Sweet Pea and one of her friends yesterday and made a yummy cake last night, but enough already!

Cardboard box sled races.

The winner - Sport Cort

They came, they saw, they kicked some ice!

My enterprising neighbors and the "ice, donut cart"

No, not so smart to turn donuts on the ice in a golf cart, but oh so fun!

The weekend is looking balmy at forty degrees. I can't wait! Wishing you a warm and happy, "kick ice" kind of weekend!


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