Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is Coming and Santa is in a Boot

Well, like it or not, Christmas is coming! I don't officially begin the countdown until after Thanksgiving, even though radio stations have been playing Christmas songs for two weeks and retail stores act like I should be finished with my shopping already. Last Friday, I made it official. It's Christmas time! Mr. Pearl and the minis and I drug down the umpteen boxes of Christmas "stuff" (after the tenth box or so, Mr. Pearl has another word for it!). We set-up our tree (artificial because of our allergies), carefully placed baby Jesus in the nativity and I decided on a way to make more work for myself! I am going to make everyone new stockings! (at least in theory) I will visit that later and let you know how it is going!

I have been shopping for the perfect ornaments for the minis. Each year, I buy them an ornament for our tree and when they have trees of their own someday, I plan on passing them on. If I can part with them. I become rather attached to my ornaments. I sign the back of the ornaments and date them. When anyone gives us an ornament, I write who it is from and date it as well. Opening-up the ornament boxes is a trip down memory lane. I treasure each little ornament and the person and memory that it represents. Yes, I am a sentimental fool, as illustrated by the beautiful ornament above. This flocked velvet boot with Santa and the Mrs. plays "Somewhere My Love" and was given to me by my mother's dear friend, on my first Christmas. I LOVE this thing! It has a very special packing box and is carefully stored away each year. It's not Christmas until Santa is in his boot in a place of honor. The last several years that place has been under a cloche. Everything looks important under a glass dome, right? Its a little harder to see the years of "love" that are showing on this poor ornament under the glass! Anywho, I hope that all of you will take a few moments to enjoy old memories and make some new ones and have a wonderful holiday season!

Peace and joy!


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