Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby

Last night, Mr. Pearl and I took the minis and some friends to see the ICE exhibit. We payed money, good money, to don a fluffy, blue, event-issued parka worn by the masses (clearly I had a problem with this), and walk through a giant sub-zero temperature room filled with giant ice sculptures. The sculptures told the story of a Charlie Brown's Christmas, so we had to explain the characters to the minis. They really were amazing! The highlight was an ice hill that you could slide on. Sport Cort took the award here, as he went flying! Snoopy's dog house was all decked-out and you could walk through it. My favorite part was the last scene. The room was circular and all the Peanuts' characters were surrounding Charlie Brown and Snoopy and singing Christmas carols. After a walk through an ice cave, you thought you were coming to the end, but in front of you stood an absolutely stunning Nativity, made entirely of ice (not sparklers- name that movie). The scene was breath-taking, however, at this point, we were freezing our toochis off and were like heat-seeking missiles for the exit!

Good ol Snoopy! Did any of you have the dress-up Snoopy stuffed animal?

I luved mine!

The ice slide!

Snoopy's dog house

Mr. Pearl in the dog house!!

Singing loud for all to hear!

The ice cave

The Nativity-this picture doesn't do it justice.

I was ready to shed my blue parka and get a hot chocolate. Sounds good, right? The parka drop-off led us right into a large store, filled with Christmas ornaments and trinkets. A parent's worst nightmare! We somehow managed to make our way through this mine field, only to find ourselves in another large room with a - wait for it - gi-normous snow hill! For a not-so-low price, one could have unlimited turns on a tube, sliding down the hill. Any takers? (For those of you not familiar with Texas, we do not have the option of finding an obliging hill of our own to sled on outside, for free, as we rarely receive enough snow to make it happen, so this is a treat!) Fisherman opted out. He was such a trooper. He had been under the weather yesterday. He viewed the miniature train display and the younger ones went tubing.


The evening was fun. Mr. Pearl and I enjoyed seeing them grin from ear to ear and giggle- a lot! The holidays come but once a year and so does ICE, so all in all, it was good. Mr. Pearl made his comment "been there, done it." That is his code for "I don't plan on doing it again." The minis came home and all went right to bed, and that part was really nice. They were pooped! Have a fun weekend!

Still chillin',


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