Thursday, December 30, 2010

C is for Cookies!

The minis and I love cookies and we love to have parties, so we combined the two last week. We had a cookie decorating party! I need to back-up a little to explain the guest list. I have mentioned my special group of sweet friends before - we try and get together every month or so and it all started at a "mommy and me" music class when our oldest (now about to turn 13) were infants. The five of us hit it off and started a playgroup. The playgroup has run its course, but not our friendship! So, we moms keep it going! We do get all the families together (usually on the 4th of July) but it has been a while since we had a "playgroup" day, so we decided that a "cookie playgroup" was in order. By the way, we started-out with five mommies and five babies and now we have five mommies and thirteen babies! How can that be?!

Here we are! Janey, LeAnn, me (aka: heat miser), Angie and Michelle

You may be wondering why we are wearing Strawberry pajamas. Ok, maybe you weren't, but you are now! We started our "mommy only" chapter of the playgroup over an evening of champagne and strawberry cake. The "strawberry theme" sort of stuck and then Target had these cute Strawberry pjs and well, it just sort of happened. And yes, we do wear them when we get together. Silly? Yes! But we don't care!



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