Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday - Christmas 1968

I went through my stash of vintage magazines and found a few December issues to share. Today, I am highlighting Better Homes and Gardens from 1968. The "holiday feature" was "Christmas Around the World." The magazine contains decorating ideas and recipes to add a "worldly" flavor to the holidays! I hope you enjoy this little trip back to the sixties and have a great weekend!

At the top of every woman's list - a fliptop dishmobile!

Christmas in Poland
Christmas in Norway

Yum! I must admit that I do love me some Eagle Brand!

The frozen cherry loaf was a favorite of my Nanno.

Nothing says Christmas quite like Spam Spread.

"decorator panels" - that is what Amana called these doors.

A decorator endorsed this?

Love this ad! Do you remember some of these appliances?

The popcorn popper, the coffee pot, the avocado green electric skillet (Nanno had one of those, too) but my personal fave, the bread warmer (I used to love to flip the top back and forth)

Happy Friday!


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