Wednesday, December 8, 2010

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Welcome to the Pearl's Nest
Our nativity and a furry Vanna White.
I love this little round guy!

Under a cloche

The Pearl tree!

A combination of new, vintage and homemade ornaments - all special!

This ornament is another one of my "sentimental" loves! My grandparents purchased this when they took me to Santa Claus Land in Colorado when I was two.
The dining room is still a work in progress. Right now, I have snow globes and vintage and new ornaments taking center stage.
A few vintage houses. The bright pastel colors and glitter speak to me!

I found this giant shadow box in Roundtop.
I have a lot of fun changing the display with the seasons.
Here I have a Christmas picture by Tasha Tudor, some vintage ornaments
and the minis' baby cups.
The display on the TV room armoir. The boots belonged to Mr. Pearl.

Original 1950's Shiny Brite ornaments in their boxes from my grandmother Pearl's attic.

I love to put them on display!

You may recognize Santa and the Mrs. in the boot from a previous post! The feather tree is a new one but the feather tree fence is a German antique. It is very fragile but still has some of the original flocked snow still on it. If it could talk, imagine the stories it could tell of over one hundred years of Christmas celebrations!

Drop by anytime!


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