Friday, November 19, 2010

Flashback Friday- Royal Wedding

The happy couple!

I am so excited! A royal wedding is in the making! I have spent a lot of time huddled around my television this week watching the news reports on William and Kate (she is supposed to be Catherine now- her given name is Catherine Elizabeth) and their royal engagement. I teared-up when I saw that sweet William had given her his mother's engagement ring. Of course, after dating the boy for nine years, future king or not, she deserves the moon! Sources say that the wedding will be sometime next spring or early summer.

I think that everyone who knows me, knows about my little obsession with the royal family, past and present. I am a self-confessed Anglophile and really love all things British. I have read countless books on the crazy history of the British monarchy and can't get enough. You can't make the stories up! They are fascinating! Kate will be the sixth Queen Catherine in history. Yes, she will be queen. If William was a girl though, his husband could not be King (like his grandfather). That is one of those silly little Britishy "royal rules." Kate and William appear to be a couple in love and are confident and self-assured. I think Wills is trying to overcome the bad rap that his family had received over the years. He will do it! He actually seems to be "normal" if that is possible with Prince Charles as your father. Diana did an amazing job!
I remember thirty years ago,when I was ten, and my parents woke me up to watch "live" all of the wedding coverage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding. That was a defining moment in my life. A fairy tale was unfolding, right before my eyes. The beautiful, young princess, the not so good looking Prince, the glass carriages, the AMAZING, poofy dress, the tiara... it was a dream! That day stuck with me. When it came time to select my own wedding dress, Diana's image was the one that I imagined for myself (poofy with a train). I even selected my wedding music to be like hers. Trumpet Voluntary that is so often played as the bridal entrance today, was played at her wedding. "Here Comes the Bride" was never good enough after that day thirty years ago.

The engagement - after a six month courtship.
The 18 carat sapphire engagement ring.

The dress with a twenty-five foot long train.
The location- St. Paul's Cathedral.

The arrival carriage - her train was smooshed in there!
Lady Diana's arrival

Oh how I wanted to be one of the little pages!

I love the back of the dresses! All bows and poof!

The exit carriage

Love this pic! Don't you know they were all exhausted!

The famous balcony kiss!

I am planning on watching the wedding next year. Sweet Pea doesn't seem all that interested, but I will be waking her up to watch. My wish for William and Kate is that theirs really is a fairytale. I wish them true love and happiness and that they will do something good with their position. The idea of a monarchy is somewhat obsolete in our world today, but I think we could all use a little romance and fairy tale magic in our lives. It certainly doesn't hurt!

Have a jolly good weekend!

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