Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Over!

The mini-pearls

I just sent three very tired mini-pearls out the door to school with Mr. Pearl. Aaaahhh! Peace and quiet! Last night we traveled back to our old neighborhood to celebrate Halloween and what we were hoping would be a second win for the Rangers in the world series. Oh well. Trick-or-Treating was fun!

Fisherman decided on his third costume for the week. We purchased a Boss Hogg costume that was shunned for a Fear Factor contestant get-up that he wore to school on Friday. He wore athletic shorts and a t-shirt, a life vest, bike helmet and ski goggles. We then hot-glued gummy worms and spiders on the t-shirt. It was very clever! Last night, he had eaten too many of the worms off the shirt and decided on his old stand-by of head to toe camo and his bird bag strapped to his waist and an arsenal of Nerf guns. He was then "hunter guy". Although, one of our dear friends (thank you Mr.Collins) remarked that he looked an awful lot like Ted Nugent. Yes, yes he did. Rock on!

Sweet Pea dressed as her made-up character, Aunt Jilly Bob. My beautiful, darling girl wore her Goodwill dress, SAS shoes gray wig, cane and stage make-up mole with pride. She had a blast staying in character most of the night. The world is my girl's stage - so watch-out! She decided after round one of trick-or-treating that handing out candy was more fun and she helped the adults man the cooler of candy. It was fun to see all the different costumes!
Sport Cort was a skeleton- sans mask. He is my boy! No mask for that kid. He had a ball with his buddies and even got to make a round with Fisherman and his crew. He was on cloud nine for that one. He embraced every moment and came home with more candy than anyone. He learned that schmoozing the good houses pays off, as he would go back more than once and flirt for more loot!Oh dear!

The neighborhood was once again crowded. Although,not as much as last year. The school night and baseball game must have kept some kiddos (or their parents) in for the night. That's not to say that we didn't go through a giant cooler full of candy by 8:30 pm! Hope your evening was "spooktacular" and now we can peacefully prepare for Thanksgiving. Yeah!
The Gang

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