Friday, November 5, 2010

Flashback Friday - WORD!

OOhhh! George Michael - the "before"version

Do you ever miss over-sized t-shirts and sweatshirts with big ole words on them? Nothing was subtle in the 80's and why everyone felt the need to have words on everything is beyond me. I do not know why. I don't make the rules? (name that movie) My collection of these 80's "must have" items started out innocently enough with an aqua sweatshirt with lavender writing. The label "Espirit" was emblazoned across the front of the shirt. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not include the matching, aqua, corduroy pants and lavender jelly shoes that completed this look. The trend only went downhill from there.

The next item? "RELAX" I did not have the actual Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirt that said "Frankie say Relax." (yes, it is "say" not "says") I had an over sized, white sweatshirt that simply said "relax." I have questioned my mom on this. How could she allow me to wear it? It's meaning was naughty! (I truly did not know this at the time - truly) She said it was against her better judgement, but... I wore that thing everywhere! Uugghh! At least I wasn't alone!

I must say though, that my favorite was my "GO GO" t-shirt. Wham! was totally awesome! I wanted George Michael to wake me up before he go-go! That was back before he frequented public restrooms and supposedly liked women. Poor guy! I still luv you George! I had a few friends that had the "CHOOSE LIFE" t-shirt that the Wham! boys sported in the wonderful video. (Remember it - my favorite part was at the end of the video,when the black lights came on and everything glowed - cool!) So, what words did you sport on your clothing in the 80's? Seems like I had a Benetton item or two, as well.

Whatever you wore, aren't you glad we have moved on? (or have we?) I will leave you all with this advice," Birdie Pearl say RELAX, CHOOSE LIFE and don't forget to GO GO and have a great weekend!"

Word to your mutha,


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