Monday, November 8, 2010

My Happy, Little Place

I think that I have mentioned my little courtyard before. It is really more of a court"closet", as the area is an intimate space off of my breakfast room. Nevertheless, I love the little space and it serves as a wonderful place to drink a cup of coffee or tea and it makes me happy to look out at it. I have planted some colorful pots and planters, added some pillows to the chairs and I hung some festive lights! The courtyard opens-up to the covered porch off of our master bedroom. This is really the "fur lounge," as the furry pearls have taken over the overstuffed seating as their own. Crockett has also added his own "touch" to the pots and planters, so my pictures aren't as pretty as I would have liked. He performed a massive "uprooting" last week and the little pansies haven't had a chance to recoup. Even with too many "gardeners" working on this little space, it is a peaceful, happy place that ALL of our family (fur and all) can enjoy. Don't overlook small spaces! They are opportunities to make something intimate and wonderful and an escape from our crazy lives.


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