Monday, August 23, 2010

Sea Shells - Take Two

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.
-Celia Thaxter

The cabinet is covered entirely in shells.

The entire wall is a mosaic of shells!

Thanks for hanging in there with me and the lack of posts last week. I got the mini-pearls off to a good year at school! I think that I have mentioned how much I love sea shells. They are little treasures and I love the natural, sculptural quality that shells add to a space. I decided to revisit shells one more time. It could be the fact that I have grocery sacks full that I brought back from my Florida vacay or my last heroic effort to hang on to summer - ok, it's both. So, here are a few more of my favorite shell images. I hope these inspire you to enjoy and hang onto these last full days of summer and maybe to do a shell project or two!
Happy shells to you!
photograph sources: 1- ad for 5 Broads off Broadway, 2- Traditional Home October 2006, 3& 4n- At Home Summer 2006, 5 - unknown, 6- unknown, 7- Country Living July 2006, 8- Andrew McCaul, Counrty Living July 2006, 9- unknown

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