Monday, August 9, 2010

Home again,home again- jiggity jog!

Christmas card 2010?

We made it back from Florida - without any major injuries (if you don't count the badly messed-up pedicure from a crab that thought my little tootsie was threatening!), everyone is well-tanned and NOT sunburned and NO TAR BALLS whatsoever! We all had a wonderful week full of family togetherness- Mumsie, Popie, Aunt H and Uncle G were there with us pearls -lots of beach and pool time, heated games of charades, bountiful moonlit crab hunts, a fun bay fishing trip and lots of wildlife encounters - a sea turtle, rays, dolphins, a few jellies and of course crabs!

We were all anxious to see for ourselves the effects of the oil spill to the gulf. All looked OK on the surface and the booms were still in place, but the locals have seen the subtle environmental changes that have occurred, mainly because of the chemical dispersants used to treat the spill. The sea grasses are dying and the delicate creatures that find sanctuary in their midst, as well. The population of the small bait fish has rapidly declined and this is trouble for all of the larger creatures up the food chain! I will get down from my soapbox, but keep the gulf, the people and the wildlife in your prayers. The ocean will heal, but it won't be overnight!

Now that we are home, it is time to prepare for school! Can it really be here already? I have wanted to freeze time lately. It is going too fast! My baby is going into first grade, my girl is going into fourth grade and my oldest is going into sixth grade - sixth grade? That is when I truly discovered music in the midst of Duran Duran's Rio album, I started wearing a little lip gloss and mascara and had my first slow dance to Journey's, Open Arms. All of these thoughts, combined with an upcoming birthday (I will just say that it's a number that rhymes with "Lordy"), and I am feeling a little melancholy. I want more time!!! If I can't make more time, I am going to try and enjoy every precious moment!

So, here are a few precious moments from our vacay. May you enjoy them, too!

Notice the "pirate" necklace he is sporting- sooooo proud of that!
I have NO idea what hand sign is.

Aunt H and Uncle G - aren't they adorable? This is at The Red Bar in Grayton Beach

Where did my baby girl go?
This sweet pic melts my heart!

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