Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Last Day of Summer

'Twas the last day of summer and all through the house,

every creature was stirring - even the mouse! (ok, hamster, Princess Whiskers)

I'm in my workout clothes and tennis shoes; poised and ready to attack

the growing list of errands that won't get off my back!

The uniforms are hung in the closets with care,

while the hope, excitement and apprehension of the new school year
hangs in the air.

When out in the family room, I hear such a clatter,

I spring from checking emails at the computer to see what is the matter!

The children are bickering and the TV is too loud,

perhaps school starting tomorrow will be good for this crowd!

I have moments of sadness and tears and my heart sometimes aches.

I really LOVE spending time with my children over summer break.

But tomorrow the school bells will be ringing and I'll hold their hands in mine

(well, maybe one of the three)

And together we'll enter their new classrooms and their faces will shine!

They will let go and greet their friends they haven't seen all summer,

and unload new school supplies from their backpacks - their excitement
won't be a bummer!

I know as a mom, I'm supposed to give them roots and wings,

but sometimes, I just want to hold them and rock them and lullabies sing.

Time goes too fast, I find myself saying a lot.

And I'm trying to enjoy every moment I've got!

So, now I'll get to it, this endless, errands list:

haircuts, new shoes, groceries, a book report to finish - you get the gist!

And then a trip to the pool, a special dinner, a family game night,
then early to bed...

So, visions of multiplication facts and spelling lists can dance in their heads.

Tomorrow we will load-up the red Volvo
and you'll hear me say as we drive to school-

Summer was awesome, but school will be COOL!

Image from Mary Engelbreit magazine

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