Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School!

FIrst day of school!

Well, we made it! I am happy to report that NO tears were shed on the first day of school by anyone! (the only person in question was me and I was a big girl!) As of yesterday, I now have an official sixth grader, fourth grader and first grader!

Fisherman was given the honor of delivering the school announcements on the first day! He was proud, as were we. Dropping him off was very anticlimactic. He would never tell us that we couldn't walk him in - he's too sweet and I think he secretly likes it - so, Mr. Pearl, myself and his younger brother and sister walked him to his locker. He then turned and gave us his big grin but behind it I saw "Please leave!" We did not linger and then we were off to the other school. (Fisherman attends a small, private school with only 67 students. He is considered a "senior" as sixth grade is the highest that the school has. I didn't want anyone to think that I would put my son through the horror of walking him into middle school- I'm not THAT uncool!)

Fisherman - SIXTH GRADER

Fisherman and one of his buddies- they are really growing-up!

The other mini-pearls are still happy to have mom and dad walk them to class! Sweet Pea's class looked so old! It's amazing how grown-up everyone was compared to the end of third grade. We walked her in and found her desk. She has a wonderful teacher who is such a lady. Sweet Pea is really looking forward to the year. During the night, she woke up complaining of a very bad sore throat. I looked at it and it was red. I gave her Motrin and had her gargle with salt water and told her perhaps we should drop by the doctor in the morning. She immediately replied, "NO! I'm ok! I can't miss any of the first day of school!" I got her settled and she asked for more Motrin before school- this is important later in my story! She is one tough and determined little lady!

Sweet Pea - fourth grader!

Sweet Pea and her wonderful teacher!

Sport Cort was Mr.Confident! NO hand-holding - he was going to do it himself! He marched into his classroom, all puffed-up with pride and instantly turned around to me and buried his face in my skirt (oh dear!) He looked up at me with fear in his big, brown eyes and all he could say was "Mommy!" We both teared-up (but did not cry!), then I took his little hand in mine and we found his seat, together. From then on, all was fine! He found his cubby and started writing in his journal! I did end up going to chapel with him. He had an important duty - he was in charge of the offering for his class! He was so proud!

Sport Cort - first grader!

Close-up of the spider backpack that he carefully selected!

Sport Cort and his wonderfully patient and precious teacher!

I left feeling- happy! Happy that all three mini-pearls were secure and excited about where they were and I feel so blessed to be a part of the two wonderful schools where they attend.

The day was great! Fisherman gets out first, so I have twenty minutes of "one on one" each day with him. Everything was "old hat" No real news - just a good day! The two younger ones jumped in with smiles. Sport Cort was tired and wanted a snack (normal behavior), but Sweet Pea looked at me and I could see her letting down her guard - "Mom my head is pounding and my throat is killing me.I really need the doctor!" (uh-oh, when Sweet Pea says this, it's serious) I could tell something was wrong,as her voice sounded like she had a bubble in her throat! I immediately called the doctor and one hour and fifteen minutes later, we left with a diagnosis of STREP THROAT! She had a fever and a nasty throat. I felt horrible! What a trooper she was!

So, Sweet Pea and I are at home today. She is so sad to be missing her first day of art and PE. She was touched, as the teachers prayed for her at their morning devotions- did I say how much I love her school? The boys got off without a hitch - school is back in session! Hope all is running smoothly where you are!

Happy First Day of School!


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