Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday - Jam on it!

Do you remember JAMS? Those awesome Hawaiian shorts that we wore with a brightly colored Polo shirt or OP t-shirt? My favorite pair was hot pink with a black floral design. I wore them to Six Flags once with a white Polo and dribbled a "pink thing" Popsicle down the front of it. Horror! I was in 7th grade! I was with a friend and we had met a group of guys from another school. I was mortified of being "pink thing boob" for like ever. But, it started a conversation and I am still friends with that group of guys today! Important note: most of them had on JAMS, too. I must also add that at this time,it was COOL to go to Six Flags and "hang-out". This was back in the good old days when your parents could drop you off and not worry about whether or not you would be there when they came to pick you up!

My mom apparently did not deem JAMS picture worthy, as I have no photographic evidence of my JAMS. Mr Pearl's mom, not only found them photo worthy, but saved them! I still have the JAMS in the following pic. (I always thought they would be cute made into pillows!)

Mr. P - on the left and his brother, Chris

I must also note the footwear in this pic of Mr. Pearl and his brother - Converse high tops on Mr. P and Tiddies on his brother. These were the BEST flip-flops, ever! I had yellow Tiddies. How about you all? If you don't remember this fad, and think I am just being crude, Google them. They were the bomb!

Still JAMmin',


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