Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good things come to those who BAIT!

Sweet Pea and one from her catch

Capn' Bucky and Fisherman

The two oldest mini-pearls went with Mr. Pearl and Uncle G on a bay fishing excursion. This has become a tradition with Fisherman, but this was Sweet Pea's first time. We were all a little nervous about how she would fair. She is not a delicate little flower and loves to get down and dirty, but her mood tends to change with the wind and we weren't sure what would happen if she decided she was finished and they were miles from the dock and she couldn't have her way. (all of you with daughters I'm sure can relate) We worried for NOTHING! She was a trooper and had a blast and because of this, so did everyone else!

We have used the same Captain for years - Captain Bucky. He is a crusty, Southern man that grew-upon the coast and has taught Fisherman so much! Fisherman caught his biggest catch to date: a 20 pound Spanish Mackerel. The fish put-up an exciting fight for 20 minutes, and Fisherman was over the moon! They threw back the fish, as they are not great eating, but came home with plenty more and we enjoyed grilled fish for dinner!

I had to include Sport Cort in this post. He was not the least bit disappointed in not going on the fishing trip. He was perfectly content to take his spending money to the souvenier store and purchase his catch - a lively, neon orange jellyfish "lovey" that he christened "Stingy".

Cort and Stingy

Happy Fishing!

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