Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello Darlings!!!

I'm baaaack! My time off turned-out to be a little longer than I planned. Nothing wrong, just busy, busy, busy. Can it really be November? The Pearl house has been full of soccer, volleyball, research papers, middle school homework (I am to the point where I need to go back and get a Master's degree to be able to help the minis with their work. School was not this hard back in my day!), friends, family and football! I really do love Fall and all of it's craziness. Hope you all are well and I am glad to be on the blog once again. 

WARNING: this post contains a lot of personal pics.
Here are a few pics to catch you up on the Pearl household. Stay tuned for pictures of the house in all her fall finery and a belated Halloween post.

Sweet Pea started-off the season by breaking her pinky finger in a mean game of dodge ball. This kept her out of volleyball for four weeks. She was a trooper though and joined back in without missing a step! 

Fisherman played fall soccer. The team did not win district like last year, but it was a fun last season with his school. Next year, he will move on to high school (sniff! sniff!), as our school only goes through eighth grade.

Sport is playing soccer again this fall. It is his FAVORITE sport (what is not to love about hanging-out in the goal), but stay-tuned, he started flag football this past weekend and.... he really likes it!!!

We also celebrated Sport's 9th birthday in October. My baby boy is nine! So hard to believe.

TCU started in the Big 12 this fall with a new stadium, so cool!

 If you read this entire post, thanks for hanging in there!



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