Wednesday, November 14, 2012

House Spying

Am I the only person that takes pictures of wonderful homes that I run across while driving around town? Yes, I am the freaky woman in the white SUV, stalking you and your neighbors. I am a voyeur at heart. I get mad at you people, you know who you are, that close your drapes at the first sign of dusk, so that I can't see into your home. I am harmless. I just want to covet your home, not steal you blind! Anyhoo, I ran across this beauty the other day. It had me at 'front porch' and only gets better from there.

The home sits on a wonderful, corner lot with mature trees

 I could rock for hours on this porch.
Every little detail is well thought out and the result is distinctly Southern in feel with a Texas twist.

I'm not lying about the voyeur part. Here is the bad pic to prove it. I tried to take this across the passenger seat. I ended-up circling the block to get better shots.

 Notice the mix of building materials: metal and shake roofing, exposed and painted brick, smooth stucco and siding for the vertical surfaces, copper awnings and downspout chains.
I wish I knew who designed this!

Happy Day Lovelies!


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  1. Love that porch!! And a big beautiful green yard too!