Thursday, November 22, 2012

WIth Gratitude

I try to keep my blog happy and bright, if not a little shallow. This is by design. I don't hide the fact that   my faith in Christ is a priority in my life and I love to share the blessings that my faith brings. I just feel that there are others that word this much more eloquently than I, so I leave the job to them. However, as I have been reflecting on all that I have to be thankful for, I felt a little gratitude post was in order.

So, here it goes....

 * I am thankful that I have a relationship with a loving Lord. He does not promise that He will keep me from bad, but He promises to carry me through. And you know what? He has!

* I am thankful for the trials I have been through. Most of you don't know that our little Pearl family is on the other side of almost a decade of trials and tribulations. I am talking knocked-down on our bums every time we got up, down in the fiery pit, will this ever get better, consistent insult to injury, bloody knees kind of trials and tests. I will spare you the story, because the real story is the end result. Jesus is who He says he is, He loves me and I can testify to that! I have no doubt that God will use me and my experience to help and hopefully inspire others, in fact, He already has. Growing hurts. I know that the pain will be turned into something wonderful. Every day wasn't horrible but we faced constant trials of one form or another.

*I am thankful for my husband. I am thankful for his faith in God, in me, our marriage and our family. If I was married to someone else, I am not sure that we would have made it. I love that he is my best friend and father to my children.

-Okay, stop with the gag-me faces. Lest you think that we are all just lollipops and sunshine around here. We ain't. This time has been ugly and believe me every nasty wart was visible.-

* I am thankful for my oldest son, the fisherman. He is my champion and I love this boy and his heart. He is loyal and loving and I love the young man that he is growing into. He has faced his own, personal challenges and has risen above them all. He has worked hard to overcome his dyslexia. This is a continuous battle, but even when homework takes him twice as long as it does others, he never complains. He plugs along and his grades are perfect! He has had other challenges and heartbreaks that one his age should not have to face but he radiates joy and peace and loves life. I love his sensitive heart. I love his passion for the outdoors and fishing and hunting. I love his sense of humor and his ability to keep laughing.

* I am thankful for my daughter, Sweet Pea. Baby girl made quite a show when she came into this world and she hasn't ever stopped. I love her type A-ness. I love her tenacity. I love to watch her work at something that she really wants. I love her competitive nature in everything - grades, sports, you name it! I love her zest for life. I love her sweet and loving heart. I love that she is a tomboy/girly girl that will hang with the boys, while wearing a mega-bow! She is my child that wakes-up each day with a smile and wants to know the "plan" for the day and likes it to be full. She is my social butterfly. I love that she is modest and has an amazing and tailored sense of style, well beyond her years. (even though it makes my job challenging) I love that the world is a stage and she is the star of her show. I love that in the sixth grade, she is concerned about where she will go to college and wants to be an attorney and have a bakery on the side.

* I am thankful for my youngest son, sporty. This curly-headed, always moving, loving, passionate bundle of life. He seizes each day with gusto and determination. I love his passion for soccer. I have never known a child like him. He NEVER complains about practice or games. He loves it! I love that he tried football, against his better judgement, and now loves it, as well. I love that he is my baby and appears to be happy and go-lucky, when in truth, he is a rules man. You do not break the rules around him. I love that he is an old soul. He has a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor. I love that he can carry on a conversation with an adult and yet, is just a kid, too. I love that he enjoys a good snuggle and is not ashamed to say that his favorite birthday gift was a Dreamlight puppy. I love that he plugs away, even when his asthma gets him down. I love that he is sensitive and wants peace around him. I love that he is happy and makes others happy, too.

* I am thankful for my family. I love that my children have the privilege of growing-up with six grandparents, three great-grandparents and the most awesome uncle and aunt!

*I am thankful for my home and the precious people that I share it with and those that come to visit in it.

* I am thankful for our school. The teachers, staff and families have blessed our family too many times to count.

* I am thankful for my country. Even though I may not agree with all that goes on, how awesome is it that we have the freedom to choose who our leaders are and worship when and where and how we please?

* I am thankful for my dear, sweet friends. You make life wonderful.

* I am thankful for my morning walk/runs and the beautiful neighborhood I live in.

* I am thankful for my little job teaching parent's day out twice a week.

* I am thankful for this blog. I love that it gives me a platform, however small, to share with others and document this pretty fabulous life I have been given.

There is so much more, but I will stop now, as I am not ready to write my first novel. I wish everyone a most blessed Thanksgiving.

With love and gratitude,


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