Saturday, August 13, 2011

Roughing It

I mentioned that Fisherman went to camp a week ago. He had an absolute ball. This was not the typical swim, play sports and do crafts kind of camp. This was strictly fly-fishing, fishing (there is a difference), bow, rifle and shotgun shooting, canoeing, kayaking and hunter certification camp. None of that frilly stuff. My boy roughed-it in the Texas Hill Country for a week.

This is the lodge Fisherman called "home" for the week. We were worried that it would be difficult for him to stay.

The inside of the Lodge wasn't much better. No comforts at all. This was the space where Fisherman and the other campers were expected to spend their quiet time each afternoon to get out of the heat. Yes, only the bare necessities.

This is the bunk room where my boy slept. Yes, it was going to be tough.

Fisherman actually used this apparatus more than his fly rod this week. I guess fire arms trump rods and reels. I can't imagine how much ammo the camp went through in a week. Fisherman, by the way, is an awesome shot. (I see scholarship money.)

The campers took a field trip to a taxidermist. Fisherman could not stop talking about all the mounts. I forgot to mention that if you are squeamish about dead animals, you might want to disregard this post.

Fisherman had a wonderful week. He won the "Outstanding New Camper" Award. We are always proud of him, but that was a big one for him! For some reason, he cannot wait to get back to camp next summer. I can't understand why.



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