Thursday, August 25, 2011

Before and After - Mumsie and Popie's Kitchen

My parents moved into their current home a little over a year ago. This is big news, as they had lived in the same house, the house I grew-up in, for thirty-one years. They had grown tired of the house and complained about this and that feature of it, but move? Never. Looking at houses has been a favorite pastime that I share with my mom. So, when she wanted to go along and look at houses with me when we were searching, I thought nothing of it. I enjoy having her input and company. My mom is good about keeping quiet and only giving her opinion when asked, so it was all good.
The search was not yielding any likely prospects, so my mom found one and encouraged me to see it. I was not crazy about the house from what I could see on the computer, but went to see it anyway. My mom thought it was wonderful and my normally quiet, non-butting-in mom would not let this one go. She kept talking about it and all it's potential and how nice it would be. Me? I wasn't feeling it. It was not the house for me and my family. I finally couldn't take my mom's harping anymore and suggested that she and my dad should just buy it since she loved it so much. And you know what? They did.
The house is perfect for them. It is one story and the lay-out is just what two empty-nesters, who love to entertain need. The house just needed some updating. It really is nice. Do I feel sad that I didn't jump at the chance to own such a gem? Not on your life. But I am thrilled for my mom and dad and so are the mini-pearls. They love Mumsie and Popie's new home.
I thought I would share their wonderful, new kitchen. Hope you enjoy!

Before: the kitchen was a cramped and dark 1960's space with mix matched appliances, Formica countertops and old cabinetry.

After: bright and airy! New appliances, honed marble countertops, farmhouse sink - wonderful.

Before: the kitchen and breakfast area were divided by this awkward wall

After: the wall is gone and the kitchen now occupies the entire space. There is seating at the bar and a breakfast table beyond. I love the soft blue paint my mom selected for the island and the walls.

Before: another shot of the cramped, breakfast area

After: the wall where the built-in hutch was before, is now where the ranges sit. Yes, ranges. The monstrosity of a commercial range that my mom and dad wanted was out of budget, so they got exactly what they wanted by placing two ranges, side by side. One side has a warming drawer, the other, storage. Genius.

This is the place where we all gather when we are together and it is wonderful. There is enough room for everyone and we have already made some great memories here.



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