Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy and Sad

The mini pearls: 2nd, 7th and 5th

Today was the first day of school for the mini-pearls. I feel some sadness. Sadness that yet another summer has come and gone and my babies are no longer babies and are spending more and more time away from the nest. Sadness that the calendar is full with a set schedule once again. Yet, I am happy, too. Happy that summer is over and I can confidently say that we did everything we set out to do and more. Happy that my babies are going to be spending more and more time away from the nest. Happy that we have a full calendar schedule and I no longer have to play activities director. I am now just the chauffeur. It's a love/hate thing for me but here we are. I guess it really is possible for something to make you happy and sad or I am just indecisive. Please keep those comments to your self.

I am most happy and joyful about the fact that all three minis are at the same school for the first time ever! Wahoo! One drop-off in the morning, all sports practices at the same place (for the older ones, as they play on school teams), one place to volunteer, one place to remember. Yes, this makes me happy. I think they are happy, too.

I must say that I did enjoy my few hours off today. After the "back-to-school parent coffee", I played hooky with a sweet friend and had a lunch date with her at the movies and saw The Help. Go see this film. It was wonderful. Happy and sad. I plan on playing hooky again next week and taking my mom to see it. It's that good!

The minis brought each of their teachers a shiny apple for their desks.

My favorite part of the first day of school: a brand new box of Crayons!

Happy day!


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  1. Love a new box of crayons! Am I weird because I like to smell them too? Wait. Don't answer that. Yay for a new school year. Wish I could play hooky with you!