Monday, August 15, 2011

Reno Memos - Progress (finally!)

The old saying "slow and steady wins the race" seems to be the mantra for our remodel. Every step has taken three times as long as anticipated, but we are finally rolling! The back of the roof has been removed and the new second story is on. This is the space for the boys' rooms and they are beginning to get excited and are already placing their furniture. Downstairs, Sweet Pea's suite has been framed out and the new game room has walls. Progress is fun!
The budget has been a point of contention throughout this process. For some reason, we can't make our budget fit our list of wants. Go figure. I'm sure we are the first people to experience this... not. I am just trying to keep a good attitude about this and see it as a fun challenge instead of rain on my parade. For now, I am so happy that everyone can begin to see what I have had in my head all along - a wonderful family home.



A second story!

The carport that will be the game room

Stairs!!! I can't help but think of the scene in The Money Pit where Tom Hanks learns that he now has stairs. It's the little things.

The upstairs hallway that leads to the boys bedrooms and will contain a built-in study area and storage.

The kitchen - this is the main area affected by the "budget". Oh, what to do.



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