Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Lovely, Lilly Day

Sweet Pea came up with the idea for her party this year. She wanted a Lilly Pulitzer-themed day in the country at her grandmother's place. She wanted her closest friends and their families to spend the day swimming, playing games, eating yummy food and enjoying the country with hayrides and her favorite off-road vehicles. Yes, my girl is the girliest of girls but she loves to get dirty and ride through the pasture and she will do it all with a bow and some Lilly.

The day could not have been more wonderful, okay, minus the major earache (see this post). Sweet Pea was a trooper and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We made tissue paper poofs to hang in the trees and under the porch. I also had a Lilly table cloth and chair covers that I made for a table that I decorated for a charity event last year. I am so glad I could use them once again!


A trip to Lilly store and we came home with napkins, plates, a tray and pitcher, clothes, of course and the Lilly theme was complete. Sweet Pea wanted to add flamingos to the mix and lots of pink and green. This was one of the most favorite parties that I have ever had. I had fun, too. I actually had fun at the birthday party of one of my children. This is new. Most of the time, I end-up wanting to send my child home with someone as a booby-prize after one of their birthday parties. Do anyone else's children reserve their absolute worst behavior for their own parties? I dread throwing a party for them. How sad is that? It is one thing to pout and not share and be nasty when no one is watching, but when you are the guest of honor, I cannot stand it. Needless to say, this was Sweet Pea's first party when at the end the day, I loved her just as much as I did at the start of the day and I didn't remember all the pain I suffered giving birth to her. Maybe it was the earache, maybe it was that my baby girl is eleven, and growing-up into a beautiful, young lady; what a lovely, Lilly day for my Sweet Pea!

Have a lovely, Lilly day!


All photos are my own.

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