Monday, July 9, 2012

What's Your Beach Style - Palm Beach Edition

We celebrated with Sweet Pea over the weekend and have started getting everything ready for two weeks at camp. Sweet Pea and Sport leave next weekend and Fisherman is going fishing (surprise!) in Florida. So, the mister and myself will be sans kiddos for a while. I wish I was headed to the beach! Alas, I must wait just a few more weeks.

Slim Aarons 

In the meantime, I will get back on track with my "beach styles" posts. I think that I am little bit of all styles. If there is an ocean and sand, what's not to love? Today, I am exploring the Hollywood Regency glitz and glamor of Palm Beach. I think of Jackie in a Lilly shift with her Jack Roger's sandals, striped, private poolside cabanas at the Breakers, Slim Aarons photography, yachts, classic cars, everyone in pink and green and oh so chic!


Meg Braff



all images via: Pinterest

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