Monday, July 30, 2012

The Ice Cream Man

One of my favorite, childhood memories is a frosty treat from the ice cream man. I still get a butterfly in my stomach when I hear the music playing from a street or two away. I really do! So, you can imagine my excitement when my kids came barreling through the front door one afternoon in June announcing the arrival of the ice cream man! After a frantic search for my wallet, we all ran outside and waited for the music to get closer and closer until the truck finally turned down our cul-de-sac. He comes every Tuesday around 5:30pm. Our truck serves actual soft-serve ice cream and it is davoon! I am so glad that     my children get to have a memory like one of my own. Life is so different these days from when I was small and it is such a comfort to know that there are some things that never change. 

Our sweet little neighbor!
He really enjoys his cones!

Here Sport and I are deciding what to get - I look mad with my hand on my hip.

I love Sport holding his hands behind his back in anticipation. 
Sweet Pea is ready to order - they are so patient and let the little kids go first.



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