Wednesday, July 27, 2011

La Mer

The emerald waters of Florida's panhandle - oh la mer

Golf cart cruisin'

Sport showing his "good" smile - he thinks it makes him look sophisticated when he doesn't show his braces - I love his smile any old way!

Me and my mister on the fishing boat

My sweet Fisherman

raft surfing with Aunt Holli

Baby girl

Mumsie and Popie chillin'

Aunt Holli and Uncle G and the sunset

Crack kills

Mini-pearls on the beach

Sport practicing his MMA moves

Fisherman was so proud of this ugly, little thing - a snake fish

Sweet Pea caught the prize of the day - a huge Spanish Mackerel

It's hard to believe that another wonderful trip to the beach has come and gone. We all had a fantastic week full of sandcastles, raft surfing, swimming, beach bocce ball (carnival style - our new game), bike riding, fishing, golf cart cruising and family togetherness. Mumsie, Popie, Uncle G and Aunt Holli had plenty of patience for the mini-pearls and we made some great memories. It all just goes by too fast!

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  1. Oh, that looks absolutely heavenly! Love all the pictures!