Monday, July 11, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall...


This little mirror in the kitchen and a glimpse of the fabulous floor mirror beyond
My dream kitchen so looks like this!

Another view

A two mirror dining room - can you imagine candle light bouncing off the mirrors in there?

Every bar needs a Louis Philippe mirror

The next two rooms don't have wonderful mirrors (that we can see) but they are a part of this home and so serene and beautiful

I ran across this home while browsing through a real estate site. I don't know who designed this beautiful refuge but it is wonderful. I have been inspired to go mirror shopping. Mirrors are kind of like can never have too many, right? And chandeliers? That's another post.

Happy Monday!


pictures from here


  1. That's a lot of white! I'm afraid to even let my kids look at the pictures of it!

  2. Wish I could see more of the kitchen. Am interested in kitchen sinks at the moment! Love white farmhouse but want very durable and scratch free.

  3. Love the clean, white rooms. So beautiful and soothing!