Tuesday, July 26, 2011

History Lesson

It is hard to believe that this peaceful, beautiful place was the scene of a bloody battle.

One of the many monuments.

Sport was lost in his own world - I wonder if the park needs volunteer children for their reenactments? I know of one!

My boys were fascinated with the huge assortment of large firearms.

I love this soldier with a fancy camera and hot pink wind shorts!

USS Cairo - Ironclad ship

This is my dad with Mr. P and Fisherman - the boys were amazed by the immense
size of the ship.

Last week, we made our annual journey to Florida. This is the ninth year that we have made this trip with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law. We all look forward to the white sand, blue-green ocean and precious time together as a family. This year, however, we decided to make the journey there part of the fun and stopped in Vicksburg, Mississippi
for a history lesson.
Vicksburg was the site of a crucial battle in the civil war, as the town was one of the last to fall to the Union. Vicksburg sits on the mighty Mississippi River and the Union's victory there opened-up the river to the Union and cut-off the South's lifeline. The town suffered greatly in the siege and the townspeople took shelter in caves. The battlefield is huge and surrounded the town. The entire scene really captured the imagination of the mini-pearls. The close proximity of the two sides, the hilly terrain and historical reenactments made this a day they won't soon forget. In this day of computers and robots, I easily forget that my forefathers fought with their hands and true grit. I can't imagine having to see the enemy face-to-face. The minis got to hear about life on the battle front and even got to taste some hardtack. That is the flour and water mixture given to the soldiers for food. Sport deemed it "not too bad". He was ready to take-up arms and was lost in his imagination.
Another highlight of the battlefield is the USS Cairo. This was an Ironclad ship that was sunk in the war that has been raised and restored. The ship and it's contents were preserved in the Mississippi mud and now serve as a snapshot into life during the 1860's. It was truly amazing. I highly recommend the tour if you are ever around Vicksburg. Next year, we are thinking about stopping in Natchez. My take away - make the journey part of the fun!


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