Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family, Friends, Food & Fun

Sweet friends!

The football star

Nothing like a retired NFL star with a Superbowl ring to keep the boys entertained
Thank you for being so gracious Cedric!

We all got our pyromania on - these were gone in five minutes

Little Hershey - is he not adorable?

I am glad to have my girl back from camp.

This was the smokey prelude to the after dark display that was amazing!

The aftermath!

Friends since they were all infants - now they are 13!

Sweet Pea made this cake!

Yesterday was an amazing day full of laughter with with friends and family, more delicious food than our tummies could hold and fireworks. What a day! We are spending the day recovering and relaxing. Hope you can do the same.

Mr. Pearl and I picked-up Sweet Pea and Sport from camp on Saturday and Fisherman arrived home from a fishing trip with his grandfather on Sunday. I have laundry to clean, a sick child to snuggle with (Sport brought a fever home from camp) and a birthday to prepare for (Sweet Pea turns 10 on Thursday!). It's hard to believe July is here and in full swing. Why is it that the time you want to pass by slowly never does and the time you wish would hurry by, crawls at a snail's pace? I'm like a child about summer. I never want it to end!




  1. Your aftermath looked like mine! Poppers from Costco were a huge hit! Looks like a blast!

  2. That looks like a tremendous amount of fun! And Cedric? Really? Good heavens!