Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Holiday Home - Den

 I would definitely say that I am a traditionalist when it comes to holiday decor. I love the look of themed trees or an all white look, but I just can't seem to get there in my own home. I love color and I love my Christmas ornaments! I am fortunate to have quite a collection of Radko ornament. For years, my mom owned a store that sold them and I was the excited recipient of many beautiful, gifted Radko goodies. The result? My trees are every color of the rainbow and well, I love them. 

This year, I put a small tree in our den. The "big" tree is in the family room where we spend the majority of our time, but both trees are full of beautiful glass ornaments and the ones that I treasure most, the handmade projects from my children and a few from my childhood that my mom has passed on to me. I have another feather tree in this room, as well. I guess that I if one is good, two are better. Right? The wooden creche is one that Mr. Pearl and I purchased on a trip to Germany. 

This Welsh dresser serves as an ever-evolving backdrop to various collections and family photos. I sort of use it as a giant scrapbook of sorts. The dresser itself was a gift from my mom and dad, and all of the tiny trinkets and mementos on the shelves have a story to tell about our family. It is fun to change it out and add to it.

The pictures with Santa are of the mini-pearls and Mr. P as toddlers. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, they are all bawling. Yup, I framed pictures of my terrified children with Santa. Ok, worse, I made them stay on his lap for the shot! Please don't call CPS on me, they are priceless! And, they do not appear to be permanently scarred by the event. All of them went on to take happy Santa pics. I have posted on this here if you would like to see them up-close.

The little girl with her doll in this picture is my grandmother. How cute is she? The Santa ornament is one that broke at some point, but it still had some jolly left in it. The pocket knife on the ribbon belonged to my father as a child and says,"Deputy Sheriff" on it. The tortoise box is one that my grandfather brought back from Korea and the horse is an antique toy I purchased at an auction. The cotton comb belonged to my great-grandmother.

The mantel is a work-in-progress. Eventually, it will be a shrine to the television. Mr. P has plans for one where the estate sale mirror now hangs. Also a work-in-progress, our stockings. I lovingly needlepointed my firstborn child a beautiful one. My second born has one that is halfway complete in my closet somewhere. So, I made her a lovely "interim" stocking that she has been using for eleven years. My third child? A purchased one from Pottery Barn. Where is the love? I did, however, add some extra fluff to the train, but it's one of those "third" child things that I swore would not happen at my house. Never say never people!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the traditions that each family has around the decorations and celebrations. What is your favorite? Don't have one? Start one. It's not too late!

Happy Monday!


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