Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Almost Time!

Has anyone else been dashing about this week? I cannot believe the weekend is here and Christmas is Tuesday! The mini-pearls had their last day of school yesterday. It was a half day full of carol singing and laughter and a bunch of us met for lunch at the Food Truck Park and enjoyed 70' weather, sunshine and fun! Sorry to throw that in for all of you that are buried under snow right now! The day turned out pretty good, considering that we woke-up to water dripping from the kitchen ceiling. Yes, we had a plumbing leak, in our new plumbing. I now have an early present of a piece of ply board covering a 2' x 3' hole in my ceiling, as the sheetrock person is already on Christmas vacay. Praise - it was warranted by the plumber, so the repair is free, but still... could have been worse! I am thankful that it wasn't.

I plan on spending the weekend cooking and enjoying my family. How about you? Don't work too hard, this is supposed to be a fun time! Here are a few more pics of my home that I haven't shared.

This is Sport's tree in his room. Most of the ornaments on it are ones that he made in second grade during their "Christmas Around the World". He is very proud of these!

This is Sweet Pea's room: lots of pink and green and her Nutcracker ornaments on her feather boa tree.

Merry! Merry!


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