Monday, December 3, 2012

Boy's Rooms - A Reality Check

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Is there anyone else out there that feels less than adequate in some area or another of your life because of Pinterest and social media? I mean, according to all of the pins and information floating around in cyber utopia, I am supposed to be able to whip-up a perfect, nutritious meal every night, have a perfectly formed body with all of the easy, peasy twenty minute workouts and such, put together fashion savvy and beautifully accessorized outfits in the blink of a pin, send my kids to school each day with balanced lunches that are works of art with their faces carved in a radish and lets not speak of the easy crafts and gift ideas that I am supposed to make and we haven't even touched on the home decor part. Deep breath. Hello? Anyone?

These are the rooms that I envision in my head and what cyber utopia tells me the male children of my family should live in. Really?

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I can't figure out where they put their smelly soccer cleats and gym shoes.  Where are the cluttered desks and all of the "stuff" that my boys have endless supply of? I never see them carting big bunches junk up the stairs, yet it just multiplies. For my oldest, God love him, he is a "saver." Every single magazine (fishing and hot rods), every Bass Pro Shop catalog - hundreds of them. I cannot throw them out fast enough! But that's not the worst! My boy, again, God love him, in the words of his fourth grade teacher, "Loves him some good office supplies." His motto, if one is good, thousands are better. He is like an office supply doomsday prepper. No joke. My little man? It's the usual Legos and Matchbox. He is actually my "neat kid," just don't look under his bed or open his drawers. Mercy me. Please tell me this happens at your house! 

So, imagine my horror when I finished our holiday decorating and walked into my eldest son's room to this...

Yes, he loves Christmas Vacation  - Clark Griswald would be proud
It is quite the light show experience.

He was so proud. The picture says it all, but let me paint a few more layers for you. Close your eyes and imagine the aroma of the sweaty basketball shoes and the day old gym clothes that were strewn across the floor. And why? Why does he insist on leaving extra deodorants on every surface? Ok, I will give him that. He doesn't want to forget to use it and face that stinky shame. And all of my children have a dishwasher full of glasses in their rooms. I have to do bi-weekly glass round-ups so we can have something to drink out of.

This is youngest son's room after sleepover with best friend.

This is the desk of youngest son's room after said sleepover with their choice of reading selections.
The book makes noise. Awesome. Thank goodness it doesn't make smells. Oh wait, that is what boys are for!

All this being said, I LOVE my children. And hopefully, they will love me after this is posted. I will pay them a compliment, they all make an attempt each day to make their beds. Is it what I would do? No, but they tried. I am thinking of starting a new trend. It will be called Reality Posting. We can all post the real pictures of our homes. You know, the rooms that real people actually inhabit on a daily basis. The rooms that have never seen a stylist or professional photographer. So, who's with me? I think I hear crickets.

Thought I would post the rooms after a bit of tidying from mom. Pinterest worthy? Maybe not, but they really love their spaces and if they do, I do too!

Reality rules!


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  1. Even with the room being tidied, my kids room looks crazy and messy all the time. I WISH i could decorate it all cute, but my house will never look like a Pottery Barn Catalogue. :(