Monday, August 27, 2012

Wallpaper Wow

As a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was go with my mom to look at wallpaper books. Hello? Anyone else? We didn't go that often, but it made an impression. I loved the colors, the endless choices and the smell of the books. I would design spaces in my head around the designs on the books. If I was really lucky, my mom would surprise me with some samples to play with. Good times. 

This isn't the best photo, but this is the dining room at our old home. I LOVED this room. Pierre Deaux green and hot pink toile. It was amazing. I still love this pattern and I am so sad that I cannot get it anymore, as the beloved Pierre Deaux is no more. The couple that bought the house from us, ripped out the paper, put in a chair rail and painted the room a lovely shade of burgundy. No comment.

 I still love to look at wallpaper books and I have never lost my passion for wallpaper, even when others in the design world did. I do not have any wallpaper in our new home. That nasty word called "budget" got in the way, well that and time. Both were in very short supply! I have had the itch to add some pizzaz to our space: the hallway to our bedroom, Sweet Pea's bath, my office/laundry area, the master ceiling, all of them. Here are my inspirations...

For Sweet Pea's Bath and dressing area...

Vivid Hue Home

Kate Spade

Wallpaper as framed art...

Hallway paper ideas...

Designer's Guild


The next three entry halls in bold toile - 

Classic grasscloth - love the texture

Love the subtle tones of these four rooms: a little glimmer of foil and all glamorous and lovely.

Ceiling paper - can it get any better?

Pantry and bookshelf paper - this might be the place to start for me.

This is my childhood dream - combine all my favorites on one wall. Thoughts?

Happy Monday Lovelies!


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  1. I just love all the inspirations you shared here! We sort of have the same hobby when I was younger… but we never really had the chance to use some wallpaper even just in my room! Just like you, we didn’t have budget and time to do that. It’s sad to know that the gorgeous wallpaper from your old home was ripped off. Weren’t you able to at least save some from it? You could’ve used it for your framed art wallpaper. I hope you can use these inspirations soon…