Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School and Being Humble

Last Wednesday, the mini-pearls went back to school. Where did our summer go? We did manage to accomplish most of our "summer to do" list, but, in the words of my teenage Fisherman, "I didn't get to sleep enough!" Amen! I hate to tell him that it won't change much in the future. It is called life. Although, is there any teen out there that claims to have enough sleep? 

We hit the ground running with practices and activities and trips to the doctor. Ugh! We are finally on the mend from our nasty colds. Nothing some good old antibiotics couldn't cure. In the middle of all this mayhem, God humbled me. Just when I feel as though I can steer my own boat, thank you, I am shown that it is not mine to steer! I may get in a little trouble by telling this story, as it involves Sweet Pea and she detests this blog and her worst fear in life is that I might mention her name or post a picture of her (without her permission). I am trying to respect that.

You see, Sweet Pea and I have had a rough go this summer. I am doing my best to navigate an ever-changing relationship between the two of us. She is a tween and a smart one at that, and she is starting to have tween issues. You know: friends (not boys yet, thank goodness), body image, wanting a cell phone her nasty parents won't let her have - tween stuff. I know that Mr. Pearl and I cannot go this alone, so with the good Lord's help, we will all come through with minimal scarring, but sometimes, I fell as though I want to say, "I got this one!"

Case in point, last Friday. Sweet Pea has been working really hard to meet a goal. The goal was to "play up" on the 7th/8th grade volleyball team at our school. (she is in 6th and our school is very small) A position that was told by the adult/coach in charge she could achieve if she worked hard. She has been working since January on this! Well, the first day of practice went great, but she had to miss the second due to her cold. The next day, last Friday, she was back at school and looking forward to a sleepover on Saturday with her friends that are also on the team. While waiting in carpool line, I received a call from Sweet Pea's BFF mom. This BFF is also a fabulous athlete and has been working hard for the same goal. The BFF got the call from the coach that she was being moved-up. My friend was just wanting to give me a "heads-up" and to discuss a few details about the weekend party. 

All I could think of was how I was going to break this to Sweet Pea and I immediately started planning damage control. I was sure that I was going to have to let Sweet Pea change schools and she was going to quit the team - what was I going to do. As I rolled closer to the front of the line and my waiting children, I kept trying to read Sweet Pea's face. Does she know? Is she ok? Moment of truth, the doors open and in pop the minis - all smiles! It's the weekend! I sheepishly asked how everyone's day was. The usual replies, then right before we made it out of the parking lot, Sweet Pea turns to me and says (my stomach drops) with a smile, "My friend got moved up!" Huh? Me- "Are you ok with this?" Sweet Pea- " Sure mom. It's great for her."  (This is where our "rough" summer kicks-in, as I want to run in, yell at the coach and rescue her, thinking that she will love me better for it. Thankfully, I didn't.) Me (like a little bratty baby) - "Do you want me to talk to coach? This is unfair!" Sweet Pea - "No, mom. This doesn't mean I won't ever get it. The season hasn't even started! I wasn't even there yesterday! It will be ok, either way. I don't mind which team I am on!"

At this point, an overwhelming calm came over me. I hear you Lord! I was humbled by my amazing, wise beyond her years daughter. Wow. I know that I would not have handled such a disappointing issue with such grace at her age. Maybe I'm not as bad of a mom as I thought? No, it's the One who has my back that is amazing. So, I am going to work on not saying, "I got this one!" and let The expert handle it. I will keep you posted on volleyball. She left with all smiles this morning!

3rd, 8th and 6th graders!



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