Friday, January 13, 2012

Plates, Dishes and China - Oh My!

I am pretty sure that this is Lisa Luby Ryan from a while ago. Love.

Gingham background and majolica = perfection
This is the home of actor Henry Winkler.

This is from artist Lisa Porter. She hand-painted the walls, but it's the collection of plates that I love.
I am sitting here listening to the rain falling outside, taking a break from packing for a while. It is a cold and snuggly kind of day. I have been carefully wrapping my "stuff" and I realize that I have an obscene amount of plates. Yes, I could use them to eat off of, but most of these have been hanging on my walls; boxes and boxes of them. I have a bit of a plate problem. I know that many design bloggers out there have declared dinnerware on the walls as passe, but I rather like the little round jewels. What do you all think? Plates as art or should they be tabled? (that was funny!) I'm for plates, but packing them up is a pain.

More majolica and toile.

Blue transfer ware - I love the contrast with the pale green walls and I love the happy four-legged guy, too.

Have a good one,


Photos: the above photos are from my archives - pulled from various magazines over the years, I am sorry that I can't source them, but if you know, please tell me!

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