Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Dickens of a Christmas

The actual scene - live! That's Fisherman in the red!

Last Friday evening, we were entertained at the minis' school with a wonderful, holiday production. Each year, the seventh and eighth graders perform the classic Charles Dickens' story A Christmas Carol - as a musical no doubt! Each student is required to participate (nothing like making a young teen do something) and they also have the option of trying-out for specific roles. This is exciting news for some, but for Fisherman, not so much. However, much to my delight, my boy tried-out for a part! He was an understudy for Fred and part of a special party scene. He did not sing a solo (He won't mind my saying this - thank you Jesus!) and he had no spoken lines, but did I care? He stole the show for me! My boy was on the stage!

Curtain call!

I have mentioned before that this is Fisherman's first year at this school and quite a change from what he is used to. He is having a wonderful year; our prayers have been answered. He smiles each day and is so enjoying all of the opportunities that he has been given. Being a teenager, he won't admit to this, but as a mom, I know it to be true. We can't rest on our laurels for long though, he must face his first-ever finals next week! Well, as Tiny Tim would say,

"God bless us everyone!"

We are going to need it!


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