Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birdie and Pearl

My very first post was all about how I came up with the name for my blog, BirdiePearl. You can read all about it here. The name is from my two, precious grandmothers. Pearl is on the left and Birdie is on the right. They absolutely hate that I used their names for my blog (even though they don't really understand what in the world a blog is). They don't even "officially" use either of these names. Pearl goes by Lavoyce (better? I won't comment on that) and Birdie goes by Wynell. Names aside, I love these two women and the importance and love of family that they have instilled in me.

During my childhood, Christmas Eve was spent with Pearl/Nanno and Gramps at their home. After church, there was always a crowd and presents stacked as high as the ceiling! This is my dad's side of the family and everyone is musical, so the evening would end up by the piano and we would sing our hearts out! My aunt Ruby usually brought some old-fashioned, cut rock candy (my favorite), among other goodies and we would choke down our ham dinner, served on Nanno's ivy china, to get to the dessert table. Nanno always had some sparkling grape juice for the kids' table, so we would feel special.

Christmas morning, after my brother and I had torn through Santa's gifts, the front door would burst open to a loud (Mommom is not the quite type) "Ho, Ho, Ho!" and in would arrive Birdie/Mommom and Grandad. Mommom would bring a breakfast of her famous sausage balls and various other goodies and we would spend a fun morning together. Mommom and Grandad would stay through the day and other family and friends would join us for lunch and again, the dessert table. Do you see a trend here?

We don't have Christmas Eve at Nanno's anymore, a tradition she did not give-up without a fight, but we all get together. Christmas mornings are now spent at my home and new traditions have been started, but I love the treasured memories that these two women made for me as a child and I hope I can pass on the magic to my children.

Thank you Nanno and Mommom!


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