Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let Them Eat Candy

Marie Antoinette - Sweet Pea designed her wig complete with a bird in a nest! She carefully chose the mask and I added the "royal" bling. Those are our family jewels - the real diamel necklace that I wore to my senior prom. Yes. I seriously wore that - proudly. Oh, the eighties!

Please ignore the fact that our backyard has turned into a dust bowl with the hot summer and severe draught we have here!

I hope everyone survived yesterday. We managed to make it through, although poor Fisherman was home with a sore throat and chills. I don't know if it was too many hours in the deer stand this weekend that did it, or if he really caught something. I snuggled in with him, while Mr. Pearl took the youngest two to our old neighborhood for a good old fashioned Halloween evening. I posted on this last year. It is so much fun!

Ninja Sport - this outfit is really all about the weapon. Those plastic swords are my eight year old boy's dream.

This is Fisherman as a sick teenager. It's very authentic, don't ya think?

Fisherman didn't feel too left out, as he made the announcement that he was officially too old to trick or treat anymore. Sweet Pea and Sport, on the other hand, had a marvelous time. Sweet Pea has been planning her Marie Antoinette costume for weeks and after much deliberating, Sport decided on a ninja costume.

Hope your candy hangover isn't too bad!


For those that have asked: Fisherman did not kill a deer this weekend, but the boy is determined. I will keep you all posted and let you know when I have some venison to share!

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