Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chalk It Up

I love chalkboards. I used to volunteer to clean erasers in school, just so that I could be near the boards and maybe sneak in an opportunity to write on the board. Kids today don't know what they are missing. Sure a Promethium board can hook-up to the internet and all, but they just aren't as fun as good old fashioned chalk boards.

I purchased an enormous chalkboard years ago for our family room. This was before boards were everywhere and chalkboard paint became popular. The board has served as a play place for my children, a message center for our family and a place to write greetings to our guests. I'd say we have gotten our money's worth out of it!

I think chalkboards can also serve as ever-changing art displays. Sweet Pea is constantly tweaking ours and it is a great conversation piece. I really love these pictures of chalkboards in kitchens. Nothing new, but oh so fun. What do you think? Fun or passe?


photos via: House and Home, HouseBeautiful and Country Living

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  1. I love chalk boards too! Wanted to be a teacher just so I could write on chalk boards!