Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Futbol At Our House

We are in the throws of fall around here. For the mini-pearls, that means school events and for the older two, research papers, TCU football games and tailgates, and futbol for Sport and Fisherman (that's soccer for all of us Americans), and ballet for Sweet Pea (volleyball just ended). Whew! That is one full schedule, but I wouldn't have it any other way - most days.

Sport is playing soccer on the team that he has been playing with since he was four. They started futbol out as the Rockets, but changed their name to Juventus last fall. Juventus is the name of one of the oldest futbol clubs in Italy and they sport the same uniforms as the Italian team. They are very proud of this. Sport is the self-proclaimed "wall of defense" and is the only kid I have ever known that never complains about practice or games. This kid loves to play and bless his heart, this fall has been difficult. He was down with his asthma for a week and couldn't play. I guess that is why he never complains. He treasures getting to play and feeling good!

Going, going...


The Wall of Defense

Fisherman played futbol this fall for the first time since he was five. He played for the school's soccer team. Sport and Sweet Pea have been at this school all along, but Fisherman attended another school that he graduated from last spring. So, this is all new to him. Coming to a new, much larger school was a challenge and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished and it's only October! We don't hide the fact that Fisherman is faced with the challenge of dyslexia. He is so smart but his brain operates in a manner that is different from the way main-stream education defines as "normal" but with a lot of hard work, my boy is rocking school with A's and B's and participating on an undefeated soccer team! (Unlike Sweet Pea, the boy's don't mind if I discuss them on the blog.) You rock Fisherman!

Celebrating a win!

Fisherman has the curse of my family - a red face!

I never cease to be amazed by the things my children accomplish and the grace with which they do it. I am so proud that God has given me opportunity to be the mother of these wonderful beings. I only pray that I don't cause them permanent damage! Being a mom is the most wonderful job that I have ever had. It is also the most frustrating and difficult. I don't claim to be the best, but I try really hard and with the good Lord's help, I will raise one amazing woman and two incredible men. I have been feeling that time is going too fast lately. How can it be that my baby is eight? How can my oldest be a teenager? How can my baby girl be on the verge of young womanhood? I feel like screaming "Wait! I need more time!" So, with those words, I am off to spend some time with these not so little ones that I have been placed in charge of and see what they can teach me, since I feel I learn more from them, than they from me.