Thursday, October 6, 2011

EIght is Great

Eight years ago today on a rainy morning, we welcomed our Sport to the world. Upon his arrival, the doctor called in the NICU and had me and Mr. Pearl scared for the health of our newborn son. The NICU team arrived and examined him and then turned to us with smiles stating that our son was healthy as can be, he was just mad at having to leave the comfort of the womb! Nothing has changed! You always know where you stand with Sport and he demands to be heard. He never meets a stranger and likes to be out and about, yet he really loves the comfort of home and considers "snuggling" a hobby. Sport is the self-proclaimed "wall of defense" in soccer, his favorite sport. He lives his entire life with a passion that is contagious to all. He is smart and funny and has a memory that keeps us all on our toes - he never forgets anything.

Happy 8th Birthday to my curly-headed, big-hearted boy!