Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brighten Your Day

Hello lovelies! My poor Sport has been home sick since last Thursday. Last Thursday was the poor guy's eighth birthday and he spent it at the doctor. What was diagnosed as a sinus infection took a turn for the worse and we were at the emergency room early Friday morning with an acute asthma attack. My baby just can't seem to get a break! He is doing better. I mean it's nothing that six medicines and a lot of prayer can't cure. It just seems that for every one step forward in battling his asthma, we take two steps back. So, we are plugging along.
All of the downtime around the house hasn't been all that bad. I have had my fill of snuggle-time and have caught-up on my design mags. I came across these fabulously bright rooms in D Magazine (that's the Dallas Magazine for those not from these parts). They sure brightened my day, so I thought I would share the smile with you!

Happy Wednesday!


photos via D Magazine.