Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday - 1980's U2

Bono and the gang

Since tomorrow is St. Patty's day and a day to honor all things Irish, I thought I would honor one of my favorite Irish exports...U2. Yes, I am a fan and have been for a long time. Like since before the War album longtime. (Like how I used "like" in my sentence? The whole 80's thing just brought it out, like totally.) Anywho, I have seen U2 in concert, twice. The second time I saw them, one of my friends made it onto the stage! Bono asked him if he wanted to play the guitar with the band. (We were so freaking out!) My friend could not play and that made Bono mad and he kicked him off the stage! We were so proud! Bono kicked my friend off the stage at a U2 concert!

This is me circa The Unforgettable Fire in Jams and a Polo with two of my BFF's at a dance!

This is me (far right) with some friends headed to a concert. Yes, we were trying to look like this. We thought it was cool. And yes, we put eyeliner on the guys.

Happy Friday!


U2 photos via Google

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