Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Your Beach Style - East Coast Edition

The temperature reached 111' on my car thermometer today; it is summertime in Texas people. Our annual trip to Florida is still a month away and the nearest beach is five hours away. So, if I can't make it to the beach, I am going to bring the beach to me or you all who read this (thank you precious ones, by the way!). I thought I would try and highlight the basic feel of the different coastal regions here in the good ol' U.S of A. and let you all decide what your own style is. Are you East Coast traditional: crisp, nautical decor, all white parties with the A-listers, weathered clapboard and old money? Are you Palm Beach glam: Hollywood Regency, Lilly Pulitzer, Mediterranean luxe with a little Latin thrown-in? Are you a Florida Panhandle, 30-A girl: Seaside pastels, sugar-white sand, family bike rides, laid-back, Southern style? Are you a California girl: modern lines, contemporary cool, surf culture and year-round beauty? Or, maybe you are the casual gal, that enjoys the family house that was purchased in the sixties and furnished with comfy, hand-me-downs, full of treasured memories and hasn't changed a bit.

So, without further ado, here is "What's Your Beach Style - East Coast Edition". I know that there are some that are cringing as they read this, because I am simply lumping all of the northern, East coast beaches into one post. Yes, I realize that there are distinct styles to each area, but the overall feeling of the East Coast is one of Ralph Lauren Americana. Ralph can be dressy and casual, but he is always classic, and that is the East coast. Be it Martha's vineyard, Nantucket, the Cape or the Hamptons, there is a beach to suit your every mood. Is this you?

The Hamptons


Nantucket Cottages

Classic- navy and white


Alexa Hampton in the Hamptons

Something's Gotta Give house -
 this has become the quintessential, East Coast home

I never tire of this interior!

I feel a clambake coming on. So, does this strike a chord with you? It is classic, preppy, old money Americana at it's best. Stay tunes for more beach styles!

Happy Wednesday!


All photos found on Pinterest.

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